Who We Are

Aegis Corporate Financial Services Limited, an independent investment banking firm in Toronto, was established in 1979 by Frank Vasilkioti.

Aegis, as an agent, represents and advises clients on their merger, acquisition, divestiture and financing initiatives. Our broad experience, in virtually every industry, includes working on transactions valued from US$400,000 to US$320,000,000. Aegis charges a completion fee when a transaction is concluded. In addition Aegis charges a modest monthly fee which is deducted from the completion fee when a transaction is concluded. This fee structure underlines our commitment to finish what we start.

Our clients have covered a breadth of industries, as highlighted by the following sample:

  • Bata Industries Limited
  • the former majority shareholders of Med-Eng Systems Inc.
  • Magna International Inc.
  • Home Capital Group Inc.
  • International Datacasting Corporation
  • Open Access Limited
  • Capella Telecommunications Inc.
  • Icynene Inc.
  • BionX International Corporation